Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello and welcome to the first post to the Wall Family blog! We created this site to keep friends and family informed as we prepare to move to Dalian, China on July 1. We just returned from our "fact finding mission" in Dalian, where we were able to find an apartment, get accustomed to the city's layout, and learn how and where to shop in Dalian. It's a beautiful city with lots of excitement. Darryl is being transfered there to oversee the construction and startup of the new Moses Lake Dalian Chemical Industries plant. We have made a two-year commitment to live and work there, with the option to re-evaluate at the end of two years. Mitchell, Nik, Ethan and Alaina will be moving there with us, while Spencer will stay behind to finish his AA degree at Wenatchee Valley College and then hopefully join us for the second year. As soon as I figure out this "uploading pictures" thing I will so that you can all see pics of the city and of our apartment (really a two-story townhouse). Blessings to you all, and thanks for following our journey!


  1. Hi Min! So great you are going to blog your adventures! Keagan and Madi and I will follow your blog so we can stay connected while you are there. Can't wait for your trip photos :) Take care ~ Rana

  2. What an adventure this is going to be! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to follow you on your journey.